Crazy Bump vs Bitmap2Material

By October 31, 2014 2 Comments

Today, I want to introduce two software for creating own materials ; Crazy Bump and Bitmap2Material 3

Since I am not a super expert of creating UV map and texture map, I mostly rely on material packs from Cinema 4D and Element 3D.

Even though those two programs have pretty decent materials but, as a artist, I faced the limitation.

In my personal opinion, what makes 3D object better and realistic are lighting and texture.

So, I found those two software which is not that expensive but definitely practical and useful tool for some artist like me.


1. Crazy Bump

Very easy layout, user friendly, strict forward instruction.

You don’t need any tutorial in order to use this. Just drag pictures and it will automatically creates bump/normal/diffuse map.

Always can check your material with live preview.

It has 30 day trial. Feel free to explore this software.



This is very similar to the Crazybump but with more controllers.

I am a big fan of the allegorithmic products. Even though I am not professional 3D modeler and texture artist, I have been always reading all the articles about 3D industry pipelines.

They have some badass software for texturing 3D models  such as  Substance Painter and Substance Designer. They are little bit pricey but worth it.

Okay, This product might be the cheapest product of allergorithmic.

I prefer to use this software since it has better control on each categories. You mostly do not need to go to Photoshop to clean up your picture in order to get better materials

You can edit image inside of this software and control lights, shadows, colors and displacements.

I tried the trial version and it was stronger tool than I thought.

If you guys know other software for creating materials, Feel free to share with me and others.


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