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BsxfuvSIgAAAH3d has several strong plugins but the most powerful plugin is DEM Earth V2.

I found his plugin while I did research how to get DEM maps and bump map for creating mountain environment.

It is little bit expensive which costs 329 dollars for the first year and rest other years costs 9.99 dollars.

Since the map keep updating in every year, it only gives on year registration.

However, it makes your life much easier.

You can skip the complex steps to get DEM map, Bump Map, and Displacement workflow. I am not saying those methods are not practical.

However, you can search, download, and get displacement shade all in Cinema 4D.

Let’s say you insert wrong map into displacement, all you need to do is just drag the map to where you want and  it will give you live preview displacement.

DEM-EARTHv2 from mike batchelor on Vimeo

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