My Wish List For Dec

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1. Element 3D V2

Big Update

Reflection map, Null control inside of element 3D, Physical shaders, integrate C4D shaders to Element, HDRI lighting, Shadow control.

It seems like we don’t need animate or export all multi-pass anymore.

Plus it supports CUDA power to render which means way faster than rendering in C4D which only uses CPU beside you have other third party render plug ins.

It will release on Dec 2!!!!!!! Can’t wait. Definitely going to buy this!!






2. Octane Render

I mention the third party render plug ins. There are some such as V-ray, Mental ray and others.

But I think Octane Render is the most powerful one since it has unbelievable fast preview window.

Other plug ins can’t beat the speed of the previewing.

As big Cinema 4D user, I always complain about render time even preview render. This would be the perfect solution.

it is 199.00 Eur so $248.22


3. NODE 2

It is a After Effect Plug in which can create connected motion graphics and abstract particle world. It is somewhat like Trapcode form, and Plexus 2.

But the Form and Plexus 2 doesn’t support  connecting string control. Plexus has the line control but it is very limited.

However, Node 2 has better controls for the line animation. It has used for many futuristic UI pannel graphics for  Ender’s Game.

Very useful plug in for infographic projects.

UI Panel for Ender’s Game


it is $299

4.  Substance Indie Pack

Allegorithmic has fantastic products for texture and 3D model artist.

Indie Pack contains Substance Painter, Deisgner, and BitMap2Material 3

On preview Blog, I mentioned Bitmap2Material 3. So I will skip explanation about it. it was the light and simple software that can create texture out of pictures.

Substance Painter is an advanced texture software that could add more realism to your model.

Subtance Designer is another advanced software for texture artist. It allows you to create maps for physical based rendering shaders. Moreover,
it visualized your materials directly in the 3d View with your model. It is node based software like nuke. 
Since I am not a master of making 3D model and still need to learn more about fixing UV map,
This package is not my priory wish list. But definitely attracting products. 
It is $259 

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